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Joe Faykosh is Professor of History at Central Arizona College and lives in Mesa, Arizona. He teaches courses in American history, Western and Eastern Civilizations, Mexican American History, African American History, and Women in American History, and received C.A.C.’s George Fridell Award for Teaching Excellence in 2021. Joe is originally from Defiance, Ohio, and attended The Ohio State University for his B.A. in history, and Bowling Green State University for his M.A. and Ph.D., also in history. His doctoral dissertation, A Party in Peril: Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Democratic Party, and the Circular Letter of 1924, was completed in 2016. In addition to teaching, Joe loves to collect history books, presidential souvenirs and items, planning future trips, and, of course, traveling!

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My favorite sources for Season 1:

Piconne, Louis. Where the Presidents Were Born: The History & Preservation of the Presidential Birthplaces

DiGregorio, William, and Aaron Jaffe. The Complete Book of US Presidents: Updates by Aaron Jaffe

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