Visiting the Presidents

Visiting the Presidents

with Joe Faykosh

“Visiting the Presidents” will take listeners through the birthplaces, homes, gravesites, libraries, and other historical sites associated with the Presidents of the United States. We will also be exploring the childhoods, lives, loves, careers, and deaths of these presidents through the sites that were touched by them.

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S1 E46 Joe Biden and Scranton Visiting the Presidents

Our last road trip of the season, to "the Electric City," Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the birthplace of our 46th President, Joe Biden! Learn about Joe's scrappy childhood in Scranton, his education and political career, as well as what happened to his birthplace! Check out the website at for visual aids, links, past episodes, recommended reading, and other information! (Episode Page:  )Support the show (
  1. S1 E46 Joe Biden and Scranton
  2. S1 E45 Donald Trump and Queens
  3. S1 E44 Barack Obama and Honolulu
  4. S1 E43 George W Bush and New Haven
  5. S1 E42 Bill Clinton and Hope
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Episode 45: Donald Trump and Queens

Back to the Empire State for the fifth time, and the birthplace of Donald Trump, 45th President, at Jamaica Hospital in Queens! Learn about Donald’s childhood and education, his business development and turn to politics, as well as what happened to his birthplace! Jamaica Hospital History, from the hospital website. Removing Trump Name from Hospital,Continue reading “Episode 45: Donald Trump and Queens”

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