Visiting the Presidents

Visiting the Presidents

with Joe Faykosh

“Visiting the Presidents” will take listeners through the birthplaces, homes, gravesites, libraries, and other historical sites associated with the Presidents of the United States. We will also be exploring the childhoods, lives, loves, careers, and deaths of these presidents through the sites that were touched by them.

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S1 E47 My Top Ten Presidential Birthplaces and Season 1 Recap! Visiting the Presidents

We are going to recap the Presidential Birthplaces we Visited in Season 1! I will give out Birthplace Superlatives, including Most Beautiful Setting, Most Improved, and Can't Wait to ReVisit, and rank my Top Ten Favorite Birthplaces! Let's ring out Season 1 with this fun episode and get excited for Season 2! Check out the website at for visual aids, links, past episodes, recommended reading, and other information! (Episode Page:  )Support the show (
  1. S1 E47 My Top Ten Presidential Birthplaces and Season 1 Recap!
  2. BONUS! Listener Feedback Season 1!
  3. S1 E46 Joe Biden and Scranton
  4. S1 E45 Donald Trump and Queens
  5. S1 E44 Barack Obama and Honolulu
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Episode 47: My Top Ten Presidential Birthplaces and Season 1 Recap!

Handing out Birthplace Superlatives and Giving my Top 10 Favorite Birthplaces! Share your own below or on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and tag Visiting the Presidents! Top Ten Birthplaces William Henry Harrison’s Berkeley Plantation 2. Calvin Coolidge’s Plymouth Notch 3. Franklin Roosevelt’s Hyde Park 4. Abraham Lincoln’s Sinking Spring 5. John Adams’ Braintree and John Quincy Adams’ QuincyContinue reading “Episode 47: My Top Ten Presidential Birthplaces and Season 1 Recap!”

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