Episode 47: My Top Ten Presidential Birthplaces and Season 1 Recap!

Handing out Birthplace Superlatives and Giving my Top 10 Favorite Birthplaces! Share your own below or on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter and tag Visiting the Presidents! Top Ten Birthplaces William Henry Harrison’s Berkeley Plantation 2. Calvin Coolidge’s Plymouth Notch 3. Franklin Roosevelt’s Hyde Park 4. Abraham Lincoln’s Sinking Spring 5. John Adams’ Braintree and John Quincy Adams’ QuincyContinue reading “Episode 47: My Top Ten Presidential Birthplaces and Season 1 Recap!”

Episode 46: Joe Biden and Scranton

Listen to This Episode! We are heading to the Electric City, Scranton, Pennsylvania, and the birthplace of Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States! Learn about Joe Biden’s childhood and education, his long political career and the experiences that shaped him, as well as what happened to his birthplace! Yeshiva Beth Moshe current page,Continue reading “Episode 46: Joe Biden and Scranton”

Episode 45: Donald Trump and Queens

Listen to This Episode! Back to the Empire State for the fifth time, and the birthplace of Donald Trump, 45th President, at Jamaica Hospital in Queens! Learn about Donald’s childhood and education, his business development and turn to politics, as well as what happened to his birthplace! Jamaica Hospital History, from the hospital website. RemovingContinue reading “Episode 45: Donald Trump and Queens”

Episode 44: Barack Obama and Honolulu

Listen to This Episode! Heading to the Aloha State, and a state of Aloha, with the birthplace of Barack Obama in the heart of Honolulu! Learn about Barack Obama’s birth and childhood, by far the most traveled of the Presidents at an early age, as well as his education, his meteoric rise, and what happenedContinue reading “Episode 44: Barack Obama and Honolulu”

Episode 43: George W. Bush and New Haven

Listen to This Episode! Heading to the birthplace of George W. Bush, Deep in the Heart of…Yale University’s leafy campus in New Haven Connecticut! Surprised? Bush downplayed his roots, but we will learn about his childhood, education, and turn to politics, as well as his birthplace and childhood home! Yale New Haven Hospital, birthplace ofContinue reading “Episode 43: George W. Bush and New Haven”

Episode 42: Bill Clinton and Hope

Listen to This Episode! Heading to The Land of Opportunity, Arkansas, and Hope, the birthplace of the 42nd President, William Jefferson Blythe…er, Clinton! Learn about Bill’s tumultuous childhood and his ambition, his education and early political career, as well as what happened to his birthplace! President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home from the National ParkContinue reading “Episode 42: Bill Clinton and Hope”

Episode 41: George H.W. Bush and Milton

Listen to This Episode! Heading to Milton, Massachusetts, for the birthplace of George H.W. Bush, 41st President, who you’ll be forgiven for thinking was born and raised in Texas. Instead, explore how his privileged childhood led him to strike out on his own, as well as his political rise and what became of his birthplace!Continue reading “Episode 41: George H.W. Bush and Milton”

Episode 40: Ronald Reagan and Tampico

Listen to This Episode! Heading to the Prairie State for the only visit this season, and the birthplace of Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States, in Tampico, Illinois! Learn about Ronald’s difficult childhood and how his personality was shaped by family strife, his ambition post-Hollywood, and what happened to his birthplace! Ronald ReaganContinue reading “Episode 40: Ronald Reagan and Tampico”

Episode 39: Jimmy Carter and Plains

Listen to This Episode! We’ve got Georgia on our Mind! Heading to the Peach State for the birthplace of the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, in the small town of Plains. Learn about Jimmy’s unique upbringing and small town life, as well as how his education and father’s business helped shape the future politician! We willContinue reading “Episode 39: Jimmy Carter and Plains”

Episode 38: Gerald Ford and Omaha

Listen to This Episode! Learn about our 38th President and his tumultuous early childhood, born as Leslie Lynch King in Omaha, Nebraska, but growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as young Gerald Ford. Learn about his education and early life experiences and even temperament, as well as his political rise! Also, what happened to hisContinue reading “Episode 38: Gerald Ford and Omaha”