On Presidents and Plantations: Exploring Slavery and the Presidents

How do we balance the legacy of a Presidential and a Plantation owner? What does it mean to Visit these sites: what do we obscure? What do we emphasize? How do the sites interpret the complexities of slavery and the Presidents?

This is a topic that we will return to throughout the series, but one deserving of some reflection. We are always learning more, and that process should be collaborative!

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On Presidents and Plantations: Exploring Slavery and the Presidents

“Slavery in the President’s Neighborhood” from the White House Historical Association–Check out “The Enslaved Households” of each President through the first twelve.

“Founding Fathers and Slaveholders” by Stephen Ambrose, for Smithsonian.

“Slavery and George Washington” by James Pfiffner.

“Slavery at George Washington’s Mount Vernon” from George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

“The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson” by Henry Wiencek for Smithsonian.

“Monticello is Done Avoiding Jefferson’s Relationship with Monticello” from New York Times.

“Thomas Jefferson and Slavery” from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

“A Contextual Contradiction: James Madison and Slavery in Revolutionary Virginia” by Connor McAllister

“Slavery” from James Madison’s Montpelier.

“Highland and Slavery” from James Monroe’s Highland.

“Hunting Down Runaway Slaves: The Cruel Ads of Andrew Jackson and the “master class” from Washington Post.

“Slavery” from Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage.

“Washington on the Plantation” by Junius Brutus Stearns
Jefferson and Hemings from Smithsonian
“A Vision Takes Form” by Peter Waddell for White House Historical Association.

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