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S2 E45 Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago Visiting the Presidents

  1. S2 E45 Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago
  2. S2 E44 Barack Obama and Oahu (and Kalorama)
  3. S2 E43 George W Bush and Crawford
  4. S2 E42 Bill Clinton and Chappaqua
  5. S2 E41 George H.W. Bush and Kennebunkport

Visiting the Presidents will take listeners through the birthplaces, homes, gravesites, libraries, and other historical sites associated with the Presidents of the United States. We will also be exploring the childhoods, lives, loves, careers, and deaths of these presidents through the sites that were touched by them.

Each episode will blend the history of the presidents and their private lives as well as the historical preservation and cultural impact of the historical site. I will be combing my two loves: presidential history and travel…oh, and a third: taking photos!

The episodes in Season 1 will focus on the birthplaces and childhood of the presidents. We will be looking at the birth and family life of the presidents, as well as their education and early careers. I will also be discussing the history and preservation of the site, and what you can find there, as well as travel and visiting information.

Season 2 will focus on the presidents and their homes: looking at the presidents and their marriages, the years leading up to the White House, and the preservation of their homes.

Season 3 will focus on the presidents’ deaths and gravesites, examining the years after they left office and how their memories were enshrined.

Season 4 will focus on the presidential museums and libraries, both official and unofficial, and the balancing act of celebrating and contextualizing the presidents.

There will also be special episodes focusing on other presidential attractions and historical sites of interest.

All information about traveling to and visiting the sites will be up-to-date, but remember to check the websites and travel information of the sites before planning your own trip!

See you out there, as we Visit the Presidents!

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