Season 2, Episode 38-Gerald Ford and Alexandria

Listen to This Episode! Our only man to serve as vice president and President without being elected to either, Gerald Ford, had homes across the United States, including Virginia, Michigan, Colorado, and California! Learn about his odd transition from House minority leader to the White House; his brief administration; his wife, Betty, and children; asContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 38-Gerald Ford and Alexandria”

Season 2, Episode 35-John F Kennedy and Hyannis Port

Another world traveler as President, John F Kennedy had homes all over the country: Palm Beach, rural Virginia, and, of course, Hyannisport, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Explore John F Kennedy’s political rise; his election and Presidency; his iconic wife, Jacqueline, and children; as well as his homes! Listen to This Episode! Be sure to checkContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 35-John F Kennedy and Hyannis Port”

Season 2, Episode 34-Dwight Eisenhower and Gettysburg

Listen to This Episode! Dwight Eisenhower moved around throughout his career, living in had 28 different homes in his life, before finally settling in a home for he and his wife, Mamie. We will explore his military career and turn to politics; his elections and Presidency; his wife and son; and his homes! Be sureContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 34-Dwight Eisenhower and Gettysburg”

Season 2, Episode 33-Harry S Truman and Independence

Listen to This Episode! The Show-Me State gave us a blunt talking, bespectacled President, who may have left Independence, but the town never left him! Learn about Harry’s political rise; his election as Vice President and ascendance to the Presidency; his administration and legacy; his wife, Bess, and daughter; and his home! Be sure toContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 33-Harry S Truman and Independence”

Season 2, Episode 31-Herbert Hoover and Palo Alto

Listen to This Episode! If ever there was a man of the world elected President, it is Herbert Hoover: Learn about his public service and late turn to politics; his election and Presidency; his wife, Lou, and sons; and his homes in Palo Alto, England, and Manhattan! Be sure to check out Herbert Hoover’s “VisitingContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 31-Herbert Hoover and Palo Alto”

Season 2, Episode 30-Calvin Coolidge and Northampton

Listen to This Episode! Heading to New England and the homes of Calvin Coolidge in Northampton, Massachusetts, and Plymouth, Vermont! Learn about Calvin’s political career; Vice Presidency and Presidency; his wife, Grace, and sons; and his homes! Be sure to check out Calvin Coolidge’s “Visiting the Presidents” Episode from Season 1, “Calvin Coolidge and PlymouthContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 30-Calvin Coolidge and Northampton”

Season 2, Episode 29-Warren Harding and Marion

Listen to This Episode! Heading back to the Buckeye State for the final Ohio President, Warren Harding, 29th President, and his home in Marion! Few men had less business being President (a fact he admitted himself)! Learn about this unique rise to office; his election and star-crossed Presidency; his wife, Florence; as well as hisContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 29-Warren Harding and Marion”

Visiting New York City’s Presidents

Heading to the Big Apple, and want to Visit the Presidents?! Look no further! In this Episode, I tell you about the Presidents who were born, lived, died, and are buried here in New York City! In collaboration with Ryan Purcell and The Gotham Center for New York City History. Featured Visits! Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace:Continue reading “Visiting New York City’s Presidents”

Season 2, Episode 28-Woodrow Wilson and Washington, D.C.

Listen to This Episode! Sticking around Washington, D.C., and just down the road from William Howard Taft’s home in Kalorama for Woodrow Wilson’s Home. Learn about the 28th President of the United States, his reluctant turn to politics, and election; his Presidency; his wives, Ellen and Edith, and daughters; and his homes! Be sure toContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 28-Woodrow Wilson and Washington, D.C.”

Season 2, Episode 27-William Howard Taft and Washington, D.C.

Listen To This Episode! Heading to the nation’s capital and the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C., for the home of William Howard Taft, 27th President and 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Learn about William’s judicial and political rise; his Presidency; his wife, Helen, and family; as well as his homes! Be sure toContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 27-William Howard Taft and Washington, D.C.”