Episode 40: Ronald Reagan and Tampico

Heading to the Prairie State for the only visit this season, and the birthplace of Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States, in Tampico, Illinois! Learn about Ronald’s difficult childhood and how his personality was shaped by family strife, his ambition post-Hollywood, and what happened to his birthplace! Ronald Reagan Birthplace and Museum fromContinue reading “Episode 40: Ronald Reagan and Tampico”

Episode 39: Jimmy Carter and Plains

We’ve got Georgia on our Mind! Heading to the Peach State for the birthplace of the 39th President, Jimmy Carter, in the small town of Plains. Learn about Jimmy’s unique upbringing and small town life, as well as how his education and father’s business helped shape the future politician! We will also discuss his birthplace,Continue reading “Episode 39: Jimmy Carter and Plains”

Episode 38: Gerald Ford and Omaha

Learn about our 38th President and his tumultuous early childhood, born as Leslie Lynch King in Omaha, Nebraska, but growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as young Gerald Ford. Learn about his education and early life experiences and even temperament, as well as his political rise! Also, what happened to his birthplace! Gerald R. FordContinue reading “Episode 38: Gerald Ford and Omaha”

Episode 37: Richard Nixon and Yorba Linda

We are heading to the Golden State for the first time, and the birthplace of gloomy Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States, in Yorba Linda, in the sunny climes of Southern California! Few Americans have been as analyzed psychologically, or had a more lasting legacy on our foreign policy and powers of theContinue reading “Episode 37: Richard Nixon and Yorba Linda”

Episode 36: Lyndon Johnson and Stonewall

Listen to This Episode! We are heading back to the Lone Star State for the birthplace of Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President, along the Pedernales River between Stonewall and Johnson City, Texas. A man shaped by his childhood, educational opportunities, and a huge inferiority complex, learn about Lyndon’s youth and political rise, along with whatContinue reading “Episode 36: Lyndon Johnson and Stonewall”

Episode 35: John F Kennedy and Brookline

Listen to This Episode! Heading back to Massachusetts for the birthplace of John F. Kennedy in Brookline, on the charming and shaded Beals Street. Learn about John F. Kennedy’s privileged upbringing, mischievous approach to education, and the moment in the Pacific that transformed his life, as well as what happened to his birthplace in Brookline!Continue reading “Episode 35: John F Kennedy and Brookline”

Episode 34: Dwight Eisenhower and Denison

Listen to This Episode! Heading to the Lone Star State for our first trip, to Dension, and the birthplace of World War II hero and 34th President, Dwight Eisenhower! Learn about his family’s hardscrabble life in Texas and Kansas, his close relationship with his siblings, and how a change of fortune with his education broughtContinue reading “Episode 34: Dwight Eisenhower and Denison”

Episode 33: Harry S Truman and Lamar

Listen to This Episode! Harry S Truman, the only Missourian to become President, and a true example of a Show-Me-State resident: Harry was plain-talking and direct, an outgrowth of his childhood in Missouri towns, starting with Lamar. Learn about Harry’s childhood and education, as well as what happened to his birth house in Lamar! HarryContinue reading “Episode 33: Harry S Truman and Lamar”

Episode 32: Franklin Roosevelt and Hyde Park

Listen to This Episode! Back in the Empire State, and one of the ritziest areas of the country, the Estates section of the Hudson River Valley for the birthplace of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Springwood in Hyde Park. Learn about his privileged and isolated childhood and how it shaped his worldview, as well as howContinue reading “Episode 32: Franklin Roosevelt and Hyde Park”

Episode 26: Theodore Roosevelt and Manhattan

Listen to This Episode! We’ve arrived at the game-changer himself, Teddy Roosevelt, born right in the heart of Manhattan. By far, one of the wealthiest presidents, and one whose family allowed him to indulge a variety of interests. Check out Teddy Roosevelt’s childhood and political rise, as well as what happened to his birthplace! TheodoreContinue reading “Episode 26: Theodore Roosevelt and Manhattan”