Season 2, Episode 2-John Adams and Peacefield

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Season 2, Episode 2-John Adams and Peacefield

Journey back to Quincy, just down the road from the Adams’ birthplaces, at Peacefield, and the home of John, Abigail, and John Quincy Adams! Learn about John Adams’ political career, vice presidency and Presidency, his family, and his home!

Make sure to listen to John Adams’ “Visiting the Presidents” Episode from Season 1, John Adams and Braintree!

Old House at Peacefield from the National Park Service.

Virtual Tour of Peacefield from National Archives.

The Old House at Peacefield from The History List.

From My June 2019 Visit!

Adams National Historical Park from National Park Planner.
Peacefield and Stone Library
Peacefield, from the National Park Service.
Peacefield from the early 1900s, from Lost New England.

Peacefield, John Adams’ Home: 1250 Hancock St, Quincy, Massachusetts.

Recommended Reading

David McCullough, John Adams.
John Ferling, John Adams: A Life.
Margaret Hogan and C. James Taylor, My Dearest Friend: Letters of Abigail and John Adams.

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