Season 2, Episode 17-Andrew Johnson and Greeneville

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Season 2, Episode 17: Andrew Johnson and Greeneville

Bookending Abraham Lincoln with another “worst” is Andrew Johnson, 17th President. Explore his unique political career, his star-crossed presidency, his wife, Eliza, and children, as well as his beautiful home in Greeneville, Tennessee!

Check out Andrew Johnson’s “Visiting the Presidents” Episode from Season 1, “Andrew Johnson and Raleigh“!

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site from National Park Service.

Andrew Johnson Homestead from National Park Service.

Virtual Tour of the Andrew Johnson Homestead from Google Arts and Culture.

Andrew Johnson Homestead from the Society of Architectural Historians.

From My June 2019 Visit to Greenville!

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site distinctive back, from Steven Markos.
Amazing postcard
Martha’s additions to the Home.

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site: 101 N. College Street, Greeneville, Tennessee.

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Recommended Reading for Andrew Johnson

Hans Trefousse, Andrew Johnson: A Biography.
Annette Gordon-Reed, Andrew Johnson.
David O Stewart, Impeached: The Trial of President Andrew Johnson and the Fight for Lincoln’s Legacy.

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