Season 2, Episode 33-Harry S Truman and Independence

Listen to This Episode! The Show-Me State gave us a blunt talking, bespectacled President, who may have left Independence, but the town never left him! Learn about Harry’s political rise; his election as Vice President and ascendance to the Presidency; his administration and legacy; his wife, Bess, and daughter; and his home! Be sure toContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 33-Harry S Truman and Independence”

Season 1, Episode 33-Harry S Truman and Lamar

Listen to This Episode! Harry S Truman, the only Missourian to become President, and a true example of a Show-Me-State resident: Harry was plain-talking and direct, an outgrowth of his childhood in Missouri towns, starting with Lamar. Learn about Harry’s childhood and education, as well as what happened to his birth house in Lamar! HarryContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 33-Harry S Truman and Lamar”