Season 1, Episode 12-Zachary Taylor and Montebello

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Season 1, Episode 12: Zachary Taylor and Montebello

Zachary Taylor, Ol’ Rough and Ready, born in Montebello…hardly a Virginian, but a Southerner through and through.

Explore his birthplace(s) and his unique upbringing in the wilds of Kentucky, as well as his rise through the military, as well as how his views on slavery were shaped.

Montebello Plantation, from VirginiaIsForLovers.

Montebello, from the Center for Land Use Interpretation.

Barboursville Ruins, home of Governor Barbour, and designed by Thomas Jefferson.

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From My May 2017 Visit!

From My July 2021 Visit!

Nearby Barboursville Ruins

Hare Forest Farm, Zachary Taylor’s OTHER Birthplace

Rare image of the Zachary Taylor birthplace estate.
From the road.
Zachary Taylor portrait by Joseph H. Bush.

Zachary Taylor Birthplace: 18286 Old Montebello Drive, Gordonsville, VA.

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Bauer, K. Jack. Zachary Taylor: Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old Southwest.

Holman, Hamilton. Zachary Taylor: Soldier of the Republic, and Soldier in the White House.

McKinley, Silas. Old Rough and Ready: The Life and Times of Zachary Taylor.

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