Season 2, Episode 4-James Madison and Montpelier

Listen To This Episode! The Father of the Constitution has one of the most ambitious renovation projects, to get his home at Montpelier back to the status when James and Dolley Madison resided there. Learn about Madison’s pre-presidency, his tumultuous term, his enigmatic wife, and, of course, his mansion! Be sure to check out JamesContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 4-James Madison and Montpelier”

Season 1, Episode 28-Woodrow Wilson and Staunton

Listen to This Episode! Our final trip to the Cradle of the Presidency, to Woodrow Wilson’s birthplace in Staunton, Virginia. A man who believed wholly in his own destiny, for better and for worse, listen to his childhood and what happened to his birthplace! The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, next to the birthplace.Continue reading “Season 1, Episode 28-Woodrow Wilson and Staunton”

Season 1, Episode 12-Zachary Taylor and Montebello

Listen to This Episode! Zachary Taylor, Ol’ Rough and Ready, born in Montebello…hardly a Virginian, but a Southerner through and through. Explore his birthplace(s) and his unique upbringing in the wilds of Kentucky, as well as his rise through the military, as well as how his views on slavery were shaped. Montebello Plantation, from VirginiaIsForLovers.Continue reading “Season 1, Episode 12-Zachary Taylor and Montebello”

Season 1, Episode 10-John Tyler and Greenway Plantation

Listen to This Episode! Staying in the James River region in Virginia, and swinging by Greenway Plantation, home of Governor John Tyler, Sr., and birthplace of President John Tyler, Jr., tenth President! Just down the John Tyler Memorial Highway from William Henry Harrison’s birthplace at Berkeley Plantation, this site is one of the few untouchedContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 10-John Tyler and Greenway Plantation”

Season 1, Episode 5-James Monroe and Colonial Beach

Listen to This Episode! The last of the Virginia Dynasty, James Monroe in Colonial Beach! Listen as we visit Monroe’s birth site, one of the few which have received improvements and new recognition very recently, opening a visitors’ center and birthplace replica in recent years, as well as explore Monroe’s childhood, education, and family! JamesContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 5-James Monroe and Colonial Beach”

Season 1, Episode 4-James Madison and Port Conway

Listen to This Episode! Listen as we visit James Madison’s birth and site at Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, along the Rappahannock. While the original home fell into the river (!), you can visit the current Belle Grove Plantation. Learn about Madison’s childhood and education, his family, and what else happened near his birthContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 4-James Madison and Port Conway”

Season 1, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Shadwell

Listen to This Episode! Founding Father and an exciting adventure tracking down as his birthplace! Listen as we travel to Shadwell and chart Jefferson’s childhood and upbringing, the odd path his birthsite has taken since it burned to the ground, his education and family, and more! The Shadwell site from Monticello’s official page. Peter Jefferson’sContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Shadwell”

Season 1, Episode 1-George Washington and Pope Creek

Listen to this episode! Starting from the top: George Washington and his birthplace at Pope’s Creek, Virginia! Listen as we explore George Washington’s birth and childhood, education, family life, and early career, as well as the preservation of his birthplace! George Washington’s Birthplace National Monument from National Park Service. George Washington Birthplace from National ParkContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 1-George Washington and Pope Creek”