Episode 15: James Buchanan and Cove Gap

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Season 1, Episode 15: James Buchanan and Stony Gap

Don’t mind the (Cove) Gap, James Buchanan’s unsettled birthplace on the edge of the American frontier in Pennsylvania. Learn about Buchanan’s unique, rags-to-riches upbringing and his involvement in Pennsylvania and national politics, as well as what happened to his birthplace at Cove Gap!

James Buchanan’s Birthplace State Park page.

From PennLive’s visit to Buchanan’s birthplace and home.

Great Brochure of Buchanan’s birthplace.

Buchanan Home in Mercersburg

Sign for the Buchanan birthplace
Buchanan Birth Cabin at Mercersburg Academy.
Artist’s rendition of appearance of Stony Batter in Cove Gap at the time of Buchanan’s birth.
The hybrid home, when it was joined with another cabin in Mercersburg.
Buchanan birth cabin.
Historical Postcard of the birthplace memorial.
James Buchanan portrait by George P.A. Healy.

James Buchanan Birthplace: Buchanan’s Birthplace State Park, Stoney Valley Rd, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.

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Recommended Reading for James Buchanan

Boulard, Garry. The Worst President-The Story of James Buchanan.

Klein, Philip. President James Buchanan: A Biography.

Baker, Jean. James Buchanan.

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