Season 2, Episode 15-James Buchanan and Wheatland

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Season 2, Episode 15: James Buchanan and Wheatland

We are heading to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the home of James Buchanan, 15th President, at Wheatland! Learn about Buchanan’s political rise, his unique personal life, as well as his treasured Wheatland!

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James Buchanan’s Wheatland official site from Lancaster History.

James Buchanan’s Wheatland from the National Park Service.

James Buchanan’s Wheatland and Lancaster History from Discover Lancaster.

From My July 2021 Visit!

From My July 2020 Visit!

Historical images from postcards and LancasterHistory.

James Buchanan’s Wheatland, 1120 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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Recommended Reading for James Buchanan

Thomas Balcerski, Bosom Friends: The Intimate World of James Buchanan and William Rufus King.
Garry Boulard, The Worst President: The Story of James Buchanan.
Philip Klein, President James Buchanan: A Biography.
Jeffrey Smith, A Prelude to War: The Presidency of James Buchanan.

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