Season 1, Episode 24-The NOT-Grover Cleveland’s Second Term Question and Answer Episode

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Season 1, Episode 24: The NOT-Grover Cleveland’s Second Term Question and Answer Episode

How many of us just want a second chance? Grover Cleveland did, winning the popular vote for the third straight time (only Andrew Jackson and Franklin Roosevelt can claim that!) and becoming our only president to serve non-consecutive terms!

We won’t do his birthplace over…Check out Episode 22 for that info! Instead, Episode 24 is a Question and Answer with questions submitted by listeners of the “Visiting the Presidents” podcast!

Among the Questions answered:

-“Which zodiac sign made the best president?”

-“What was the coolest presidential pet?”

-“Do wars make great presidents?”

-“What did the presidents carry in their pockets?”

-“Which is my favorite presidential site?”

“Uh…why the 1920s for birthplace commemorations? “

Further Reading for Questions:

Zodiac Signs (thank Juliette Turner!)

Glamour Magazine article on the Presidents and their Zodiac signs

Oh, and be sure to add Joe Biden in with the Sagittarii!

Our Presidents and Cannabis (thanks Justin Tope!)

Article on the various presidents and their relationship with cannabis!

Faith of Our Fathers (and Presidents) (Thanks Amy Tift!)

PBS Article on “God in the White House”

Presidents and their Pets (Thanks Lanna Demers!)

Awesome site: Presidential Pet Museum

Presidential “Greatness” (Thanks Kaitlin Kelly!)

Charts for Presidential Rankings

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Season 1, Episode 24: The NOT-Grover Cleveland’s Second Term Question and Answer Episode

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