Season 2, Episode 24-The NOT Grover Cleveland’s Second Term Question and Answer Episode

S2 E27 William Howard Taft and Washington, DC Visiting the Presidents

Heading to the Capitol for the first of many visits, this time for the home of William Howard Taft in the Kalorama neighborhood! Learn about William Howard's legal and political career; his election and Presidency; his wife, Helen, and accomplished children; as well as his many homes! Check out the website at for visual aids, links, past episodes, recommended reading, and other information!Episode Page: 1's William Howard Taft Episode: "William Howard Taft and Cincinnati" Support the show
  1. S2 E27 William Howard Taft and Washington, DC
  2. S2 E26 Theodore Roosevelt and Sagamore Hill
  3. BONUS! Interview with Presidential Visitor Andrew Alexander
  4. S2 E25 William McKinley and Canton
  5. S2 E24 NOT Grover Cleveland's Second Term Question and Answer Episode

How many of us just want a second chance? Grover Cleveland did, winning the popular vote for the third straight time (only Andrew Jackson and Franklin Roosevelt can claim that!) and becoming our only president to serve non-consecutive terms!

We won’t do his home at Westland over…Check out Episode 22, “Grover Cleveland and Princeton,” for that info! Instead, Episode 24 is a Question and Answer with questions submitted by listeners of the “Visiting the Presidents” podcast!

Among the Questions Answered:

Who is the best “Never-Ran”?

What do I look for on a Re-Visit at a Presidential site?

Which Presidents made the most money after the Presidency?

What were some of the Presidents’ favorite books?

Who was among our most stylish Presidents? What effect did that have?

How did the First Lady’s role change over time?

Which Presidential home would I most have wanted to grow up in?

Remember to Check Out Season 1’s “NOT Grover Cleveland’s Second Term Question and Answer Episode!”

Further Reading for Questions:

Presidents and Their Favorite Books (thanks Maxfield Lydum!)

First Ladies Style and Trendsetting (thanks Lanna Demers!)

Presidential Campaigns over time (thanks Matthew Hochstetler!)

Presidents and Their Finances (thanks Connie Luck!)

Questions to Ponder:

Which other Presidents needed a cooling off period (non-consecutive terms)?

(Thanks Grover Cleveland Art Society!)

Which President would be best for a Road Trip?!

(Thanks Kurt Deion!)

Which Presidential Site is the Best Wedding Venue?

(Thanks Andrew Alexander!)

Which President had the most swag?

(Thanks Edward Meschall!)

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