Season 2, Episode 29-Warren Harding and Marion

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Season 2, Episode 29: Warren Harding and Marion

Heading back to the Buckeye State for the final Ohio President, Warren Harding, 29th President, and his home in Marion! Few men had less business being President (a fact he admitted himself)! Learn about this unique rise to office; his election and star-crossed Presidency; his wife, Florence; as well as his home!

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Harding Presidential Sites official site.

Warren Harding Home from National Park Service.

Warren Harding Home and Presidential Sites.

For Dr. Joe Faykosh’s Master’s Thesis on the 1920 Presidential Election, “The Front Porch of the American People: James Cox and the Presidential Election of 1920.”

From My June 2021 Visit!

From My June 2016 Visit!

Postcard of the Harding library with parlor behind
Warren and Florence on their front porch
President Harding’s Home

Warren G. Harding Home: 380 Mount Vernon Avenue, Marion, Ohio.

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Recommended Reading for Warren Harding

Robert K. Murray, The Harding Era: Warren G. Harding and His Administration.
Andrew Sinclair, The Available Man: The Life Behind the Masks of Warren Gamaliel Harding.
Randolph Downes, The Rise of Warren Gamaliel Harding, 1865-1920.
Jim Yoakum, The Bloviator: Sex, Drugs, Fraud, Suicide, Murder, Scandal, Adultery, Quackery, Corruption, Superstition and President Warren G. Harding

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