Season 2, Episode 30-Calvin Coolidge and Northampton

S2 E32 Franklin Roosevelt and Warm Springs Visiting the Presidents

Our longest serving President had some wonderful estates to call home, each wonderfully preserved! Let's Visit Franklin Roosevelt and his homes in Warm Springs, Georgia, (the "Little White House"!) and Hyde Park, New York, as well as stops in Manhattan and Campobello Island! Learn about his political rise and struggles to overcome his illness; his elections and Presidency; his wife, Eleanor, and children; and his homes! Check out the website at for visual aids, links, past episodes, recommended reading, and other information!Episode Page:Season 1’s Franklin Roosevelt Episode: "Franklin Roosevelt and Hyde Park" Support the show
  1. S2 E32 Franklin Roosevelt and Warm Springs
  2. BONUS! How I Spent My Summer…of Presidential Travels 2022 (Part 3)!
  3. S2 E31 Herbert Hoover and Palo Alto
  4. S2 E30 Calvin Coolidge and Northampton
  5. BONUS! How I Spent My Summer…of Presidential Travels 2022 (Part 2)!

Heading to New England and the homes of Calvin Coolidge in Northampton, Massachusetts, and Plymouth, Vermont! Learn about Calvin’s political career; Vice Presidency and Presidency; his wife, Grace, and sons; and his homes!

Be sure to check out Calvin Coolidge’s “Visiting the Presidents” Episode from Season 1, “Calvin Coolidge and Plymouth Notch”!

Calvin Coolidge’s first Northampton home from Lost New England.

Calvin Coolidge’s Library in Northampton.

“Calvin Coolidge Buys The Beeches” from The New York Times.

Calvin Coolidge Homestead from National Parks Service.

My doctoral dissertation on Franklin Roosevelt, the 1924 Democratic Party convention, and fallout: “A Party in Peril: Franklin Roosevelt, the Democratic Party, and the Circular Letter of 1924.”

From My July 2022 Visit!

My Visit to the Coolidge Homestead!

Calvin and Grace Coolidge with Harvey Firestone, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford at the homestead.

White House third floor renovation.

Calvin Coolidge’s Home: 19 Massasoit St, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Recommended Reading for Calvin Coolidge

Amity Shlaes, Coolidge.
Calvin Coolidge, The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge.
Robert Ferrell, The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge.

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