Episode 30: Calvin Coolidge and Plymouth Notch

Listen to This Episode! We are heading to New England for the idyllic setting of Plymouth Notch, Vermont, a tiny town in the Green Mountains, and the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge. Often remembered for his nickname, “Silent Cal,” learn about how the town shaped this president! About the Historic Site from Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.Continue reading “Episode 30: Calvin Coolidge and Plymouth Notch”

Episode 29: Warren Harding and Blooming Grove

Listen to This Episode! Heading back to Ohio for the final time to visit tiny Blooming Grove and the birthplace of Warren Harding. While the new Warren Harding Presidential Library in Marion is doing much of the heavy-lifting for a historical re-examination for Warren Harding, his hometown of Blooming Grove could use more commemoration! ArticleContinue reading “Episode 29: Warren Harding and Blooming Grove”

Episode 28: Woodrow Wilson and Staunton

Listen to This Episode! Our final trip to the Cradle of the Presidency, to Woodrow Wilson’s birthplace in Staunton, Virginia. A man who believed wholly in his own destiny, for better and for worse, listen to his childhood and what happened to his birthplace! The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum, next to the birthplace.Continue reading “Episode 28: Woodrow Wilson and Staunton”

Episode 27: William Howard Taft and Cincinnati

Listen to This Episode! We are heading back to the Buckeye State for another President, this time in the big city of Cincinnati, for William Howard Taft. Perhaps the most reluctant of our Ohio Presidents, and the one for whom being president was definitely a secondary achievement. Learn about what happened to Taft’s birthplace, asContinue reading “Episode 27: William Howard Taft and Cincinnati”

Episode 26: Theodore Roosevelt and Manhattan

Listen to This Episode! We’ve arrived at the game-changer himself, Teddy Roosevelt, born right in the heart of Manhattan. By far, one of the wealthiest presidents, and one whose family allowed him to indulge a variety of interests. Check out Teddy Roosevelt’s childhood and political rise, as well as what happened to his birthplace! TheodoreContinue reading “Episode 26: Theodore Roosevelt and Manhattan”

Episode 25: William McKinley and Niles

Listen to This Episode! Let’s go visit William McKinley, another Buckeye president and lover of the carnation, born in Niles, Ohio! Probably one of the steadiest of the steady presidents, a kind-hearted man behind a stern exterior, and a bridge between the era of the manager-presidents of the Gilded Age and the dynamic, center ofContinue reading “Episode 25: William McKinley and Niles”

Episode 24: The NOT-Grover Cleveland’s Second Term Question and Answer Episode

Listen to This Episode! How many of us just want a second chance? Grover Cleveland did, winning the popular vote for the third straight time (only Andrew Jackson and Franklin Roosevelt can claim that!) and becoming our only president to serve non-consecutive terms! We won’t do his birthplace over…Check out Episode 22 for that info!Continue reading “Episode 24: The NOT-Grover Cleveland’s Second Term Question and Answer Episode”

Episode 23: Benjamin Harrison and North Bend

Listen to This Episode! Travel to North Bend, Ohio, the home of one president and the birthplace of another, his grandson! Benjamin Harrison, our fourth Ohio President, and the only grandson of a president to join granddad (and serve a full term), learn about Benjamin Harrison and his efforts to live up to the familyContinue reading “Episode 23: Benjamin Harrison and North Bend”

Episode 22: Grover Cleveland and Caldwell

Listen to This Episode! Grover Cleveland, our 22nd and 24th president, the only to serve non-consecutive terms and our only Garden State President! One of our birthplace commemorations currently working on improving the site, with a planned visitors center out back! The Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Association. The Grover Cleveland Birthplace from the National ParksContinue reading “Episode 22: Grover Cleveland and Caldwell”

Episode 21: Chester Alan Arthur and Fairfield

Listen to This Episode! Chester Alan Arthur, one of our lesser known Presidents (even for the Gilded Age), the fourth man to ascend to the office from the vice presidency (the second because of an assassination) and another birthplace controversy! Check out Chester Alan Arthur’s birthplace commemorations in Fairfield, Vermont, the first of two GreenContinue reading “Episode 21: Chester Alan Arthur and Fairfield”