Episode 20: James Garfield and Moreland Hills

Listen to This Episode! Our third straight Buckeye President, and among the most brilliant, James Garfield, born on the banks of the Cuyahoga! One of the stronger birthplace commemorations (save the weird statue!) and fitting tributes to another of the log cabin Presidents! James Garfield Birth Site Monument from Ohio Traveler. James Garfield Birth SiteContinue reading “Episode 20: James Garfield and Moreland Hills”

Episode 19: Rutherford Hayes and Delaware (OH)

Listen to This Episode! Rutherfraud? What isn’t a fraud is the birthplace improvements done to Rutherford Birchard Hayes’ birth commemoration in Delaware, Ohio. The only birth site that is now a gas station, today there is a bit more celebration of Hayes’ life and contributions in this lovely town! Rutherford Hayes Birthplace (original commemoration) fromContinue reading “Episode 19: Rutherford Hayes and Delaware (OH)”

Episode 18: Ulysses Grant and Point Pleasant

Listen to This Episode! U.S. Grant, hero of the Civil War and 18th President of the United States, born on the banks of the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, Ohio! Ulysses was…not great at almost everything he tried…until the Civil War, and from there, leapfrogged into the presidency, and is today ranked towards the bottomContinue reading “Episode 18: Ulysses Grant and Point Pleasant”

Episode 17: Andrew Johnson and Raleigh

Listen to This Episode! Visit the third and final Tar Heel President, Andrew Johnson, born across the street from today’s North Carolina State Capitol in Raleigh! Johnson is one of our true rags-to-…power presidents, having to work from a young age and never attending a day of school. Learn about his unique rise to theContinue reading “Episode 17: Andrew Johnson and Raleigh”

Episode 16: Abraham Lincoln and Sinking Spring

Listen to This Episode! Abraham Lincoln, boy of the frontier: the first President born in what was then the West, the wilds of Kentucky at Sinking Spring outside of Hodgenville. Learn about Lincoln’s rough childhood and family life, his struggle for education, his rise in politics, and what happened to his birthplace site! Abraham LincolnContinue reading “Episode 16: Abraham Lincoln and Sinking Spring”

Episode 15: James Buchanan and Cove Gap

Listen to This Episode! Don’t mind the (Cove) Gap, James Buchanan’s unsettled birthplace on the edge of the American frontier in Pennsylvania. Learn about Buchanan’s unique, rags-to-riches upbringing and his involvement in Pennsylvania and national politics, as well as what happened to his birthplace at Cove Gap! James Buchanan’s Birthplace State Park page. From PennLive’sContinue reading “Episode 15: James Buchanan and Cove Gap”

Episode 14-Franklin Pierce and Hillsborough

Listen to This Episode! Franklin Pierce, the only New Hampshirite President, the one with the fly-est hair, and the only one who will require Scuba gear to get to the birth site. Listen as we explore the Pierces of Hillsborough, New Hampshire, as well as Franklin’s unique childhood and riding the coattails of his father’sContinue reading “Episode 14-Franklin Pierce and Hillsborough”

Episode 13: Millard Fillmore and Moravia

Listen to This Episode! Millard? Fillmore? President? Learn about Millard Fillmore’s rough and wild youth in Western New York, and his rise in the NY political environs of the first half of the 1800s. Millard may be nobody’s idea of a “great” president, but his story rivals Abe Lincoln’s for his hard work and determination.Continue reading “Episode 13: Millard Fillmore and Moravia”

Episode 12: Zachary Taylor and Montebello

Listen to This Episode! Zachary Taylor, Ol’ Rough and Ready, born in Montebello…hardly a Virginian, but a Southerner through and through. Explore his birthplace(s) and his unique upbringing in the wilds of Kentucky, as well as his rise through the military, as well as how his views on slavery were shaped. Montebello Plantation, from VirginiaIsForLovers.Continue reading “Episode 12: Zachary Taylor and Montebello”

Episode 11-James Knox Polk and Pineville

Listen to This Episode! We are heading back to the Tar Heel State, and not too far from the Waxhaws, to visit Pineville, North Carolina, the birthplace of James Knox Polk, 11th President of the United States. Just like Old Hickory, “Young Hickory” and his family sought a fortune in Tennessee, but the birthplace cabinContinue reading “Episode 11-James Knox Polk and Pineville”