Season 2, Episode 23-Benjamin Harrison and Indianapolis

Heading to the Hoosier State for Benjamin Harrison’s home in Indianapolis! Learn about the 23rd President and his political career; his election and approach to the Presidency; his dynamic wife, Caroline, and family; as well as his home! Be sure to check out Benjamin Harrison’s “Visiting the Presidents” Episode from Season 1, “Benjamin Harrison andContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 23-Benjamin Harrison and Indianapolis”

Season 1, Episode 23-Benjamin Harrison and North Bend

Listen to This Episode! Travel to North Bend, Ohio, the home of one president and the birthplace of another, his grandson! Benjamin Harrison, our fourth Ohio President, and the only grandson of a president to join granddad (and serve a full term), learn about Benjamin Harrison and his efforts to live up to the familyContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 23-Benjamin Harrison and North Bend”

Season 1, Episode 9-William Henry Harrison and Berkeley Plantation

Listen to This Episode! William Henry Harrison’s birthplace at the Berkeley Plantation, home to six generations of Harrisons. The only presidential birthplace where the president’s birth is only one of the five most interesting things to happen there. Also, learn about why William Henry Harrison conveniently elided his regal roots in favor of the logContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 9-William Henry Harrison and Berkeley Plantation”