Season 1, Episode 25-William McKinley and Niles

Listen to This Episode! Let’s go visit William McKinley, another Buckeye president and lover of the carnation, born in Niles, Ohio! Probably one of the steadiest of the steady presidents, a kind-hearted man behind a stern exterior, and a bridge between the era of the manager-presidents of the Gilded Age and the dynamic, center ofContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 25-William McKinley and Niles”

Season 1, Episode 23-Benjamin Harrison and North Bend

Listen to This Episode! Travel to North Bend, Ohio, the home of one president and the birthplace of another, his grandson! Benjamin Harrison, our fourth Ohio President, and the only grandson of a president to join granddad (and serve a full term), learn about Benjamin Harrison and his efforts to live up to the familyContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 23-Benjamin Harrison and North Bend”

Season 1, Episode 19-Rutherford Hayes and Delaware (OH)

Listen to This Episode! Rutherfraud? What isn’t a fraud is the birthplace improvements done to Rutherford Birchard Hayes’ birth commemoration in Delaware, Ohio. The only birth site that is now a gas station, today there is a bit more celebration of Hayes’ life and contributions in this lovely town! Rutherford Hayes Birthplace (original commemoration) fromContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 19-Rutherford Hayes and Delaware (OH)”

Season 1, Episode 18-Ulysses Grant and Point Pleasant

Listen to This Episode! U.S. Grant, hero of the Civil War and 18th President of the United States, born on the banks of the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, Ohio! Ulysses was…not great at almost everything he tried…until the Civil War, and from there, leapfrogged into the presidency, and is today ranked towards the bottomContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 18-Ulysses Grant and Point Pleasant”