Episode 43: George W. Bush and New Haven

Listen to This Episode! Heading to the birthplace of George W. Bush, Deep in the Heart of…Yale University’s leafy campus in New Haven Connecticut! Surprised? Bush downplayed his roots, but we will learn about his childhood, education, and turn to politics, as well as his birthplace and childhood home! Yale New Haven Hospital, birthplace ofContinue reading “Episode 43: George W. Bush and New Haven”

Episode 41: George H.W. Bush and Milton

Listen to This Episode! Heading to Milton, Massachusetts, for the birthplace of George H.W. Bush, 41st President, who you’ll be forgiven for thinking was born and raised in Texas. Instead, explore how his privileged childhood led him to strike out on his own, as well as his political rise and what became of his birthplace!Continue reading “Episode 41: George H.W. Bush and Milton”