Episode 35: John F Kennedy and Brookline

Listen to This Episode! Heading back to Massachusetts for the birthplace of John F. Kennedy in Brookline, on the charming and shaded Beals Street. Learn about John F. Kennedy’s privileged upbringing, mischievous approach to education, and the moment in the Pacific that transformed his life, as well as what happened to his birthplace in Brookline!Continue reading “Episode 35: John F Kennedy and Brookline”

Episode 6-John Quincy Adams and Braintree/Quincy

Listen to This Episode! John Quincy Adam’s remarkable childhood and birthplace in Braintree/Quincy, Massachusetts. Listen as we explore John Quincy’s family life and early career, and what it was like to grow up in the shadow of his famous father! The John Quincy Adams birthsite with the Adams National Historical Park. Visual tour of theContinue reading “Episode 6-John Quincy Adams and Braintree/Quincy”

Episode 2-John Adams and Braintree

Listen to This Episode! John Adams’ birth and childhood in Braintree, now Quincy, Massachusetts. Listen as we uncover why John Adams was the way he was: how his childhood and upbringing informed his later demeanor, and became the Founding Father we knew and…respected. National Park Service’s site for John Adams’ birthplace and the Adams NationalContinue reading “Episode 2-John Adams and Braintree”