Episode 32: Franklin Roosevelt and Hyde Park

Listen to This Episode! Back in the Empire State, and one of the ritziest areas of the country, the Estates section of the Hudson River Valley for the birthplace of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Springwood in Hyde Park. Learn about his privileged and isolated childhood and how it shaped his worldview, as well as howContinue reading “Episode 32: Franklin Roosevelt and Hyde Park”

Episode 13: Millard Fillmore and Moravia

Listen to This Episode! Millard? Fillmore? President? Learn about Millard Fillmore’s rough and wild youth in Western New York, and his rise in the NY political environs of the first half of the 1800s. Millard may be nobody’s idea of a “great” president, but his story rivals Abe Lincoln’s for his hard work and determination.Continue reading “Episode 13: Millard Fillmore and Moravia”

Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Kinderhook

Listen to This Episode! Martin Van Buren and his birthplace in Kinderhook, New York, our first president born in America and the only one who grew up speaking Dutch. Listen as we explore the birthplace and what happened to MVB’s tavern, as well as his rise in the Empire State’s political system to become aContinue reading “Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Kinderhook”