Season 2, Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Lindenwald

Lindenwald isn’t one of the Presidential Homes that people generally know off the top of their heads, but you will be impressed by the history (and look) of this home! Learn about Martin’s pre-Presidency resume, his wife, Hannah, and sons, his election and term, and, of course, his home! Be sure to check out MartinContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Lindenwald”

Season 1, Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Kinderhook

Listen to This Episode! Martin Van Buren and his birthplace in Kinderhook, New York, our first president born in America and the only one who grew up speaking Dutch. Listen as we explore the birthplace and what happened to MVB’s tavern, as well as his rise in the Empire State’s political system to become aContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Kinderhook”