Season 2, Episode 7-Andrew Jackson and the Hermitage

Listen to This Episode! Of all the controversies revolving around the 7th President, Andrew Jackson, regarding his life and presidency, one thing is not controversial: he had a great home, the Hermitage, outside of Nashville. Learn about the complex man, his period before political office, his game-changing political turn, his wife, Rachel, and his home!Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 7-Andrew Jackson and the Hermitage”

Season 1, Episode 7-Andrew Jackson and the Waxhaws

Listen to This Episode! To the Backcountry! Exploring the 7th President Andrew Jackson’s birthplace in the Waxhaws, on the border between North and South Carolina! Listen as we explore the controversial story of our controversial president’s birth: two sites and two states claiming the birth of Andrew Jackson, as well as his early life, family,Continue reading “Season 1, Episode 7-Andrew Jackson and the Waxhaws”