Season 2, Episode 31-Herbert Hoover and Palo Alto

Listen to This Episode! If ever there was a man of the world elected President, it is Herbert Hoover: Learn about his public service and late turn to politics; his election and Presidency; his wife, Lou, and sons; and his homes in Palo Alto, England, and Manhattan! Be sure to check out Herbert Hoover’s “VisitingContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 31-Herbert Hoover and Palo Alto”

Visiting New York City’s Presidents

Heading to the Big Apple, and want to Visit the Presidents?! Look no further! In this Episode, I tell you about the Presidents who were born, lived, died, and are buried here in New York City! In collaboration with Ryan Purcell and The Gotham Center for New York City History. Featured Visits! Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace:Continue reading “Visiting New York City’s Presidents”

Season 1, Episode 31-Herbert Hoover and West Branch

Listen to This Episode! We are heading across the Mississippi River for the first time to visit the birthplace of Herbert Hoover, in the hills of West Branch, Iowa! Bert was touched from the beginning by hard work and tough times, and more tragedy than any other president as a child. Learn about how HerbertContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 31-Herbert Hoover and West Branch”