Visiting New York City’s Presidents

Heading to the Big Apple, and want to Visit the Presidents?! Look no further! In this Episode, I tell you about the Presidents who were born, lived, died, and are buried here in New York City! In collaboration with Ryan Purcell and The Gotham Center for New York City History. Featured Visits! Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace:Continue reading “Visiting New York City’s Presidents”

Season 2, Episode 1-George Washington and Mount Vernon

Listen to This Episode Twin icons on the Presidential Site landscape: George Washington and his beautiful Mount Vernon! Listen to George Washington’s war experience and political rise, his election and highlights of his Presidency, as well as his famous estate! Make sure to listen to George Washington’s “Visiting the Presidents” Episode from Season 1, “GeorgeContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 1-George Washington and Mount Vernon”

Season 1, Episode 1-George Washington and Pope Creek

Listen to this episode! Starting from the top: George Washington and his birthplace at Pope’s Creek, Virginia! Listen as we explore George Washington’s birth and childhood, education, family life, and early career, as well as the preservation of his birthplace! George Washington’s Birthplace National Monument from National Park Service. George Washington Birthplace from National ParkContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 1-George Washington and Pope Creek”