Visiting New York City’s Presidents

Heading to the Big Apple, and want to Visit the Presidents?! Look no further! In this Episode, I tell you about the Presidents who were born, lived, died, and are buried here in New York City! In collaboration with Ryan Purcell and The Gotham Center for New York City History. Featured Visits! Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace:Continue reading “Visiting New York City’s Presidents”

Season 2, Episode 26-Theodore Roosevelt and Sagamore Hill

Listen to This Episode! There’s only one word to describe Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill: Bully! Hear about Theodore Roosevelt’s beloved home in Oyster Bay on Long Island, New York, as well as his political rise and career; his Vice Presidency and Presidency; his wives, Alice and Edith, and children; as well as his stunning home!Continue reading “Season 2, Episode 26-Theodore Roosevelt and Sagamore Hill”

Season 1, Episode 26-Theodore Roosevelt and Manhattan

Listen to This Episode! We’ve arrived at the game-changer himself, Teddy Roosevelt, born right in the heart of Manhattan. By far, one of the wealthiest presidents, and one whose family allowed him to indulge a variety of interests. Check out Teddy Roosevelt’s childhood and political rise, as well as what happened to his birthplace! TheodoreContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 26-Theodore Roosevelt and Manhattan”