Season 1, Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Kinderhook

Listen to This Episode! OK! Heading to New York to visit Martin Van Buren and his birthplace in Kinderhook, our first president born in America and the only one who grew up speaking Dutch! Listen as we explore the birthplace and what happened to MVB’s tavern, as well as his rise in the Empire State’sContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 8-Martin Van Buren and Kinderhook”

Season 1, Episode 7-Andrew Jackson and the Waxhaws

Listen to This Episode! To the Backcountry! Exploring the 7th President Andrew Jackson’s birthplace in the Waxhaws, on the border between North and South Carolina! Listen as we explore the controversial story of our controversial president’s birth: two sites and two states claiming the birth of Andrew Jackson, as well as his early life, family,Continue reading “Season 1, Episode 7-Andrew Jackson and the Waxhaws”

Season 1, Episode 6-John Quincy Adams and Braintree/Quincy

Listen to This Episode! Back to Braintree for John Quincy Adam’s remarkable childhood and birthplace in Braintree/Quincy, Massachusetts. Listen as we explore John Quincy’s family life and early career, and what it was like to grow up in the shadow of his famous father! The John Quincy Adams birthsite with the Adams National Historical Park.Continue reading “Season 1, Episode 6-John Quincy Adams and Braintree/Quincy”

Season 1, Episode 5-James Monroe and Colonial Beach

Listen to This Episode! The last of the Virginia Dynasty, James Monroe in Colonial Beach! Listen as we visit Monroe’s birth site, one of the few which have received improvements and new recognition very recently, opening a visitors’ center and birthplace replica in recent years, as well as explore Monroe’s childhood, education, and family! JamesContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 5-James Monroe and Colonial Beach”

Season 1, Episode 4-James Madison and Port Conway

Listen to This Episode! Listen as we visit James Madison’s birth and site at Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, along the Rappahannock. While the original home fell into the river (!), you can visit the current Belle Grove Plantation. Learn about Madison’s childhood and education, his family, and what else happened near his birthContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 4-James Madison and Port Conway”

Season 1, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Shadwell

Listen to This Episode! Founding Father and an exciting adventure tracking down as his birthplace! Listen as we travel to Shadwell and chart Jefferson’s childhood and upbringing, the odd path his birthsite has taken since it burned to the ground, his education and family, and more! The Shadwell site from Monticello’s official page. Peter Jefferson’sContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Shadwell”

Season 1, Episode 2-John Adams and Braintree

Listen to This Episode! Listen as we uncover why John Adams was the way he was: how his childhood and upbringing informed his later demeanor, and became the Founding Father we knew and…respected. Learn about John’s childhood, early political career, education, and family, as well as his birthplace! John Adams’ Birthplace and the Adams NationalContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 2-John Adams and Braintree”

Season 1, Episode 1-George Washington and Pope Creek

Listen to this episode! Starting from the top: George Washington and his birthplace at Pope’s Creek, Virginia! Listen as we explore George Washington’s birth and childhood, education, family life, and early career, as well as the preservation of his birthplace! George Washington’s Birthplace National Monument from National Park Service. George Washington Birthplace from National ParkContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 1-George Washington and Pope Creek”

About “Visiting the Presidents”

Most Recent Episodes Visiting the Presidents will take listeners through the birthplaces, homes, gravesites, libraries, and other historical sites associated with the Presidents of the United States. We will also be exploring the childhoods, lives, loves, careers, and deaths of these presidents through the sites that were touched by them. Each episode will blend theContinue reading “About “Visiting the Presidents””