Season 2, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Monticello

Listen to This Episode! No President is as closely-tied to his home as Thomas Jefferson to Monticello, a home he designed and oversaw, and one that contains so much of his personality and secrets. Learn about Jefferson’s genius in design and controversies in personal behavior, as well as his political development, elections and administration, hisContinue reading “Season 2, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Monticello”

Season 1, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Shadwell

Listen to This Episode! Thomas Jefferson’s birth and childhood at Shadwell, Virginia. Listen as we travel to Shadwell and chart Jefferson’s childhood and upbringing, and the odd path his birthsite has taken since it burned to the ground. Monticello’s page on the Shadwell site. Thomas Jefferson’s other boyhood home, Tuckahoe Plantation. From My May 2017Continue reading “Season 1, Episode 3-Thomas Jefferson and Shadwell”